Founder Chairman, BRG Group – Shri Bakulesh R. Gupta


Whenever I think about education and life, words of the great scholar Kautilya, “I have to think for the society, I have to think for the nation because I am an Educator” comes to my mind. True education teaches us not only how to make a living but also how to live! In every aspect of life purity and holiness cleanliness and refinement exalt human condition.

We firmly believe that if the home environment in which students live is clean they will become strong and healthy throughout their life. Hence we are constantly echoing the wisdom of “Swachh Bharat, Nirogi Bharat” ensuring a healthy and nurtured environment for the students who are future of India. At our schools, we train the students to live their life fully and responsibly as citizens of the world by imparting knowledge within as well as “Beyond Classrooms”.

Our main focus is on the overall development of our children with regular exposure to Sports, Culture and other Practical experiences. This is possible only with a blend of art, dance, music, sports and cultural events along with the academics. Learn, Play, Grow and Have fun summarizes our philosophy and outlook when it comes to children and their development.

It is our relentless effort to provide the best in Education along with the most modern infrastructure to our pupils at incomparable fee structure. Parents are one of our true partners in this process of imparting education. We hope that when our students step out from Gujarat Public School, they learn to stand on their feet as responsible citizens and as glowing beacons.

“Nurture future leaders and global Citizen”.