The school’s focus is to develop individual talents of the students and teach them to relate the experiences of the classroom to the realities of the world outsidethrough comprehensive and balanced curriculum, coupled with challenging academic exercises..The curriculum is planned in such a way that there is a balance between the search for understanding, the acquisition of essential knowledge & skills, the development of positive attitude and the opportunities for positive action.

Pre Primary (Nursery, Jr. Kg, Sr. kg) :

During the early years of development, schedules and programmes are planned so as to create learners out of young children. Effective instructional materials provide equipments that help to develop their motor and mental skills. Lessons are made interesting, meaningful and enjoyable and finally develop in the child a love for learning. Challenges that will suitably stimulate his/her abilities are thrown open to him/her to grow physically and develop mentally.

Classes I-V :

The curriculum emphasizes on school readiness programmes and promotes healthy habits among children. Areas of study in these classes are languages (English and Hindi), Mathematics, Environmental Studies and Computer literacy. We encourage children to be more participative. The content is drawn from immediate environment and strategies are adopted to enhance their skills of observation, collection, classification, experimentation, estimation, prediction and drawing inferences. Evaluation, at this stage, is both formal and informal. It takes place in a stress-free and learner friendly environment on continuous basis ensuring comprehensiveness and transparency.

Classes VI – VIII :

In these classes, emphasis is on skills of learning.In languages, emphasis is on listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking in balanced manner i.e. to develop communication skills with grammatical accuracy and appropriateness of style. The approach is of integration of Science and Technology, bringing Mathematics closer to life and thematic teaching of Social Sciences. Students are imparted enough computer expertise to deal with the technology aided learning environment of today. Music, Art Education, Health and Physical education are treated as co-scholastic areas to develop aesthetics and finer qualities of the student.

Classes IX and X :

Besides developing basic concepts in each area, the C.B.S.E. curriculum of these classes is so planned that the learner acquires skills to apply theoretical knowledge in their day-to-day life and prepares him to be a lifelong learner. Projects and activities are an integral part of this curriculum.. Teaching is done through lectures, projects, presentations, group discussions, workshops and seminars. Testing and Examinations are regular and rigorous and are in accordance with CBSE pattern.

Evaluation System:

Evaluation is a systematic process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting evidences of student’s progress and achievement both in Scholastic and co-scholastic areas of learning. As evaluation has to facilitate all round development of students, the data collected will be analyzed in three different ways – firstly by assessing the students’ progress with reference to their own selves (self ref) secondly with reference to the criteria set by their teacher (criteria ref.) and lastly, with reference to the progress made by their peer groups (norms ref). The school believes in Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) of CBSE.