Student Clubs:

SKILL CLUB ACTIVITIES –CLASS I & II (Foundational Stage 4 & 5)

  1. ART & CRAFT: Art is a great medium for expression and a wonderful tool to build children’s confidence, visual learning and concentration. This club will give a fantastic opportunity to our budding Artist to develop their motor skills; hold the paintbrush, scissors, pencils or use clay or other materials to enhance their art and craft work.
  2. HEALTH CLUB: Health is condition (mental and physical) in which a student is functionally well adjusted internally with respect to body parts and externally with his environment. This club can modify our behaviour towards the attainment of optimum health. It helps in focusing children fitness habits and introduce a healthy nutritional system. Children will also be aware about various medicines and vaccines and also about emergency First-aids.
  1. DANCE: Dance has a major role in boosting your child’s social development. When children dance, they express their emotions in front of their audience. With all that grooving, a child feels safe to open up to the world needless to mention that they will also learn a variety of dance style.
  1. YOGA: The objective of yoga club is to practice yoga postures while learning about how yoga can be used to manage stress, improve the mind-body connection, and increase strength and flexibility. With yoga helping to improve memory function, its direct impact can also be seen in the child’s academic performance. 
  1. CODING: Coding is a creative activity that students from any discipline can engage in. It helps to build computational thinking and develop problem solving skills. Real world application of coding can be seen in bar codes, traffic signals, booking tickets etc…

6. MUSIC VOCAL: Studies have shown that music can lower stress, build confidence and help to enhance performance of the brain. This club will help to bring out the Music talent among the students. They will be trained to actively participate in various music based events conducted inter and intra school. These children will also be a part of the school choir for various school events.

7. GARDENING: The purpose of gardening club is to stimulate the knowledge and love for gardening. It is educational and develops new skills including: Responsibility-from caring for plants, Understanding-as they learn about the cause and effect and self-confidence-from achieving their goals and enjoying the food they have grown. It allows children to learn practically, experiment and share knowledge with others

8. POTTERY: Pottery class gives children the opportunity to knead, pinch and roll with their hands and thereby improves their motor skills. Working with clay also helps to improve the child’s penmanship. The hand-eye coordination skills learnt in pottery class can result in better handwriting and hence have a positive impact on schoolwork. Pottery class can increase self-esteem because children have control over their projects. Children are encouraged to create unique artworks.

9. DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP: This course is designed to teach the students the basic aspects of digital citizenship like parts of your devices (hardware, software, computer peripherals) and the internet, digital etiquettes, Privacy and Your Digital footprint, digital well-being, cyber security, Information literacy, about Cyber Exploiters etc…


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